The highest level of quality without compromise

Only the best for men

Masculine in design, look & feel - without compromising character, colour, scent
- OMRO products stand for manhood.

Add some masculinity to your daily routine

Based on high-grade natural ingredients, it´s our goal to use the best raw materials and to combine their features in an optimal way. It´s important to us to give each product a unique character through special recipes and to adapt the product features to your desires.


Go natural in a stylish and manly way

OMRO doesn´t use polyethylene glycol (PEG) in its products. Neither will you find aluminium in our products. All products are vegan and cruelty free.

OMRO also stands for local production manufacturing in Europe.

Made in France

Our products are manufactured in the European Union, mainly in France, whenever possible. You do not solely get the best quality; you also reduce the ecological footprint through shorter transport routes. 

From raw material to packaging, widely out of the European Community. We are proud!

We also attach great importance to offering you the best quality packaging and avoid unnecessary packaging wherever possible for a greener environment! 


OMRO´s product sets are offered in different variations and are a stylistic element for your bathroom with their fashionable boxes.


We expand our Omrofolio continuously and
keep you posted about the newest developments
in our socials. 
We would love to hear about your needs and
wishes for future products. 


Just easy, carefree, and fully automatic shopping with OMRO EASE. 

With OMRO EASE, you don´t have to worry about your daily shopping anymore. With OMRO EASE, you will revive your demand, delivered directly to your door. OMRO EASE is a subscription system that is flexible and that you can adjust anytime or cancel easily.
Never go without our products!

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