We are OMRO, your brand for Men, from Men. Out of passion for styling & body-care and the aspiration to create unique products, OMRO was founded in 2021, in Vienna, in the heart of Europe. We offer you the highest level of quality, to fulfill your requirements as a man and therefore raise the level of beard grooming, haircare, body-care and skin-care.

Only for men, only for you
We are Men

We are OMRO

Powerful, confident, manly, that´s OMRO: your all-in-one provider for your style and well-being, with extra manpower. 
Bring style to your bathroom and in your daily routine. At OMRO, you are in the right place.

Not like a brand,

a brand like no other.

All our products are especially developed for men. OMRO combines design, style, functionality, and quality. 

As an all-in-one provider, it is our goal to offer you a one-stop shop with a wide range of products for your lifestyle.


Christian Fraisl

The idea to found OMRO originated through the desire to create products and a brand that satisfies the needs of men and that represents the same. Products which satisfy 100 % of men´s personal care needs and are not found in the women’s department. 

Body care and styling make the man!

To create manly, honest, and innovative products is our aspiration.The best products, with the right features for you as a man. 

Be a part of our community, be part of OMRO

The best products, with the right features for you as a man. Each customer is highly valued and helps to decide our future. We look forward to interacting with you in our newsletter, socials, and via WhatsApp. Your posts, your feedback, and your needs are important to us. Let us know about your ideas for future products and their features. Become part of the OMRO- Verse! 



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