SUBSCRIPTION | Beard Oil & Skin Oil
SUBSCRIPTION | Beard Oil & Skin Oil
SUBSCRIPTION | Beard Oil & Skin Oil
SUBSCRIPTION | Beard Oil & Skin Oil

SUBSCRIPTION | Beard Oil & Skin Oil

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2-3 working days

Oil you up | Grey Line

Revitalizing, moisturizing, and moisture retaining.

Your beardy OMRO-mixture with vitamin A,D, & E, in combination with omega 3 & 6 is antioxidative and cell protecting.


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OMRO’s oil is especially designed for the beard and skin of man. Revitalizing and moisturizing, it provides a perfect look to your beard and skin. 

The best oils from sesame and jojoba, from organic farming, have been infused with meadowfoam and olus oil,  creating an outstanding product. These oils provide your beard and skin with important minerals and vitamins.  In addition, mint and eucalyptus create a natural refreshing feeling when applying the oil and the scent of these ingredients gets neutralized immediately.

We have also made sure that OMRO´s beard and skin oil doesn´t leave an unpleasant oily film after applying.

Massage the oil at a minimum once daily with circular motions in your beard and skin. The recommended quantity is dependent on your hair and skin type and should be adjusted to your needs. 

OMRO’s beard & skin oil is solely made from natural ingredients

Product Advantages: Revitalizing, moisturizing, and moisture retaining, delivers vitamin A,D, & E, in combination with omega 3 & 6, is antioxidative and cell protecting

Special Features: Solely made from natural ingredients, sesame and jojoba from organic farming

Beard Oil & Skin Oil
Item Model
Beard Oil & Skin Oil
Product Line
Grey Line
Skin Type
Hair Type
Beard Type
In the first few seconds lightly minty, subsequently neutral
Packaging Colour
Black, white
Beard, Face, Body Hair, Body
80 ml
Product Dimensions l x w x h (mm)
29 x 49 x 102.5

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